Blue Lizard - Our Story

Blue Lizard is a business and IT solutions company focused on delivering results that bring true value to daily operations. Value that translates into increased productivity, enhanced performance, reduced costs, greater flexibility, and better business outcomes. Expertise, industry knowledge, experience, and commitment to developing real solutions make Blue Lizard a partner that will bring unparalleled results.

Our Belief

Blue Lizard’s founders shared a simple belief – when technology is properly harnessed, it can transform an organization. In 2000, the founders’ shared this passion and vision to form Blue Lizard Technologies. Blue Lizard has proven itself as a new breed of technology company; one that not only provides solutions to challenges, but one that is passionate about looking beyond the surface to take clients further than they thought possible.

Our Core Values

  • We WOW our customers
  • We listen
  • We act with honesty and integrity
  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We value creativity and innovation
  • We believe in teamwork
  • We are committed to learning
  • We are positive and forward-looking
  • We strive for excellence
  • We enjoy what we do

Our Goal

The founders’ goal was not to build a global company where clients became lost in the machine. Instead they sought to partner with clients to creatively address real needs. We built a company that actually listens to their clients and understand their industry – a company where relationships mattered. The principals remain personally involved in every project with the assistance of talented ‘lizards’ to get the job done.

The Blue Lizard Name

We always get asked that question, so here is the answer

Creating the name for a company is a lot harder than you would imagine. And for three technology geeks, it was proving even more difficult. We wanted a name that would convey we were a fun and different kind of company. We needed a name that would let people know our personality and spirit would take some of the “work” out of working with a software development company. We had to have a name that people would remember and associate with a worthwhile experience. Yes, we know we have high expectations.

We researched technology company names. Nothing grabbed our attention. We looked up Greek mythology, then astrology and finally Latin. But again, nothing seemed to fit us. Then we got serious. Seeing as how we are a technology driven company, we did what we do best. We created a database and an algorithm that put random words together to create a name. The database created thousands of combinations, from which we chose five.

Here are some of the names we thought of.
  • Coding Consultants
  • Techs-r-us
  • Geeks-r-us
  • Programming Peeps
  • Themis Software ??
  • Triangle Technologies ??
  • Nova Solutions
  • Q.E.D. Consulting
  • Atria Consulting
  • Ergo Solutions
  • Triangle Web Consultants ??
  • Pegasus Consulting
  • Geeks-r-us
  • Programming Peeps
  • Kronos Consulting
  • Triangle Technologies ??
  • Talos Consulting
  • Pink Hippo
  • Red Gorilla
  • Blue Lizard ??

We asked everyone we knew to look at the five names and comment on each. Two weeks later, we asked them which name was their favorite. Blue Lizard was the only one that people remembered. We knew that meant something, hence the company name, “Blue Lizard” was born.

Our story may not have the "Hollywood" magic, but Blue Lizard is company that is fun to work with and takes pride in their work to create amazing technology solutions and very satisfied clients.


A brief history of Blue Lizard

  • 2010 - present

  • Winter, 2018

    Blue Lizard Corporate Website V5

    Blue Lizard launches version 5 of the corporate website. The new website upgraded technologies and was built using the methodologies that Blue Lizard incorporates in all of their projects. We have incorporated best practices for reducing file size and bandwidth usage enabling a more robust and responsive website.

  • Fall, 2017

    Blue Lizard Building Blocks V3.0

    Blue Lizard continues to update the components that make up the Blue Lizard Building Blocks. New additions to account for a greater variety of client needs were added along with a more extensive data validation library. All components have been upgraded to the latest technologies.

  • Winter, 2017

    E-Commerce Data Conversion

    Blue Lizard was chosen for a major data conversion project that was necessary to launch an e-commerce website for a major construction industry supplier. This allowed the client to convert all of their data from an old system to a fully integrated 3rd-party ecommerce platform.

  • Winter, 2015

    Blue Lizard Corporate Website V4

    Blue Lizard launches version 4 of the corporate website. The new website incorporates technologies that will allow it to be responsive to the device that it is being viewed on.

    Mobile devices will get a different experience than laptop and large screen devices, but everything is using the same code base. A unified experience across multiple platforms is how Blue Lizard does all its client development.

  • Summer, 2014

    Blue Lizard Building Blocks V2.0

    Blue Lizard refines its Building Block component offerings based on the latest HTML5/CSS/JS/C# technologies. These Building Blocks allow Blue Lizard complete solutions faster and cheaper than starting from scratch.

    The Building Blocks are thoroughly tested for bugs and performance ensuring a solid implementation.

  • Winter, 2013

    Blue Lizard Building Blocks V1.0

    Blue Lizard launches its first small set of Building Blocks. The Building Blocks have been in development for years on various projects and were launched as a formal part of the Blue Lizard Development Methodology.

  • Summer, 2011

    Mobile Applications

    Blue Lizard starts development in the mobile space. The mobile environment is evolving rapidly and Blue Lizard waited for the market to settle before choosing the technology for the mobile environment. Blue Lizard mobile solutions are built on the HTML5/CSS/JS platforms.

  • Winter, 2011

    Cloud Hosting Services

    Blue Lizard begins to offer cloud hosting services to our existing clients. Our servers are located in a dedicated hosting environment that are monitored 24/7, providing our clients with piece of mind and excellent value.

  • Fall, 2010

    Major Database Polling of 700 Servers

    Blue Lizard worked with a major pharmaceutical company to access over 700 of hospital servers across the country and analyze the data in real-time. The database holds over 200 million records and provides real-time reporting of trends across the United States and Canada.

  • Winter, 2010

    LIMS System for NC Department of Agriculture

    Blue Lizard was awarded the contract for development of a LIMS system for the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

  • 2005-2009

  • Summer, 2008

    OIR Information Technology Training

    Blue Lizard was awarded the OIR Information Technology Training contract for the State of Tennessee. This contract is an exclusive contract requiring Blue Lizard to train relevant personnel from all Tennessee State Agencies in Microsoft .NET technologies./p>

  • Spring, 2008

    Blue Lizard Corporate Website V3

    Blue Lizard re-launches the corporate website utilizing newer technologies and providing clients with a live capabilities portfolio.

  • Fall, 2006

    North Carolina Technical Services Contract

    Blue Lizard was one of a select few companies to be awarded the contract to supply technical services to North Carolina State Agencies. This contract allows only those awarded the right to bid on specific high-level projects at all North Carolina State Agencies.

  • Spring, 2006

    Blue Lizard Corporate Website V2

    Blue Lizard re-launches the corporate website to reflect the growing emphasis on web development technologies.

  • Spring, 2005

    North Carolina Supplemental Staffing Contract

    Blue Lizard was awarded a renewal contract with the state of North Carolina for the provision of supplemental staffing to state agencies.

    The renewal was based on companies with a solid track record of performance.

  • Winter, 2005

    Training and Mentoring

    Blue Lizard begins training and mentoring program in Microsoft .NET technologies. Blue Lizard started using .NET technologies since it was released in 2001.

  • Early Years

  • Winter, 2001

    North Carolina Supplemental Staffing Contract

    Blue Lizard was among the companies awarded the contract to supply supplemental staffing to North Carolina State Agencies. This was an intensive process that involved companies being able to demonstrate their competencies in a variety of technical disciplines.

    Blue Lizard provided staffing resources in the first year of the contract and have been providing them ever since.

  • Summer, 2000

    Blue Lizard Logo

    Blue lizard launches the Lizard Logo to reflect a forward-thinking and fun company. The first version of the corporate website launches soon after.

  • Spring, 2000

    Blue Lizard Technologies, Inc

    Blue Lizard Technologies, Inc. officially incorporates in the state of North Carolina. We got together with a small budget and a big vision of what we wanted Blue Lizard to become.

  • 1997-1999

  • Fall, 1999

    Blue Lizard Name

    Creating the name for a company is a lot harder than you would imagine. We needed a name that would let people know our personality and spirit would take some of the “work” out of working with a software development company. We had to have a name that people would remember and associate with a worthwhile experience.

  • September, 1998

    Adarus Software Awarded 5-Star Review

    Adarus Software was one of the companies that merged to form Blue Lizard. Adarus Business Plan was awarded a 5-star review from PC Magazine as well as being a finalist for Shareware of the Year in the business category.

  • January, 1997

    Blue Lizard and Triangle Users' Group

    Founders met at a series of Triangle technology user group functions. Each of the founders became involved in the executive council to grow the use of Microsoft and related technologies in business and personal applications. Blue Lizard founders served as mentors to the developer community.