Blue Lizard Software Development Methodology

Our Blue Lizard Methodology has been developed over years and has become something that works for us and our clients.


1 - Requirements & Design

People are visual and Blue Lizard, understands this, such that requirements and design are done in tandem. Clients know more about their requirements when they can visualize how they will manifest on screen. Requirements are explained by way of wireframe screen layouts which facilitate discussion and creativity.

2 - Design/Development Loop

The wireframe screen layouts are used by the developers for working screens with limited initial functionality. The client can then provide feedback and changes can be quickly integrated. This process keeps repeating until the desired functionality is attained.

3 - Testing/Development Loop

With the functionality in place, Blue Lizard works with the client to integrate and test the application so that it meets the requirements without bugs. Blue Lizard also uses automated test scripts to facilitate the process. This process is repeated until the application is acceptable to the client.

4 - Deployment

With the application deemed bug-free, it is deployed to a production server whether hosted by Blue Lizard, internally or in the cloud. Blue Lizard works to ensure that the process seamlessly integrates with the existing workflow.

5 - Maintenance & Support

After the application has been implemented, changes may occur and Blue Lizard is there to help with any changes or enhancements as they come up.

Blue Lizard Software Development Tools

A merging synergy of outstanding Blue Lizard Tools with the latest in development technologies

Blue Lizard has been developing software for close to 20 years and have picked up a few tricks along the way. Our core library has common functionality that we use – tested for performance and reliability.

We needed a way to communicate bugs and feature requests with our clients but email, spreadsheets and other offerings were not doing the trick. We wanted it to be simple and easy to use for us and our clients, so we developed an intuitive application to help the development process.

The foundation of any good application is the database. Blue Lizard works with 3 of the leading databases in SQL Server, MySQL and MongoDB. Each of the databases has a particular niche and we will employ the right database for the specific needs of the client.

Blue Lizard believes that good software cannot be built in a vacuum. We are constantly looking for new open source projects and frameworks that will enhance our applications and improve the overall performance and functionality.

For the look and feel of the application, Blue Lizard developed a tool that allows the client to interact with different colors, fonts, grids and other UI elements in real-time so the client will know exactly what the final appearance of their application will be.


Blue Lizard Building Blocks

Our core library of pre-built components that are tested in the field and proven to perform.


When we build an application, we start out with a foundation of solid technologies (C#, JS, CSS, SQL Server scripts). These technologies provide the backbone of the application and are a great way to begin.

We then add our Blue Lizard Building Blocks. These Building Blocks are ready made pieces of code and UI that work seamlessly with the foundation to provide an excellent framework that the custom application can build upon.

The custom code is the heart of the application and integrates with the Building Blocks and the foundational technologies to provide an overall system that is performant, robust and easy to maintain – and exactly made-to-order.