Custom Software Development

Our Mission for What We Do

Blue Lizard is a custom software development shop – it is what we do. Our tag line “Custom Software Solutions…built for you” is at the heart of our mission. Each application is different, because each client has different needs and expectations to solve their particular problem. At the root of it, we solve problems using technology to deliver a solution that meets the clients’ specific needs.

Components of Custom Software

Custom software solutions are more than just the application development, it has many components including reporting, database & user friendly interface designs. Clients also want to be sure that their custom software is supported with maintenance and application hosting. Blue Lizard provides custom software solutions with the design, support and expertise necessary for a successful project.

User Interface Design

From concept to finished product and everything in between.


Good UI design must be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, it must be functional. At Blue Lizard, we work with your team to ensure that the functionality is solid and meets the needs for an efficient application that saves time and money.

Should you use a textbox or a dropdown box? What about a checkbox – how would that help? What about the order of the items on the screen – what will make for the best workflow? We wireframe screens so that you can visualize how thing are laid out and how that would function – all before putting down a line of code. There will be no surprises with the final solution.

From a design perspective, we work with your team to ensure that it is consistent with your brand and has a consistent look and feel to your other branding components. Our Blue Lizard CSS Styler will allow you to choose the fonts, colors and other attributes that go into making an application look great – changes are made in real-time, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Database Design & Optimization

No matter what database technology that is used, the design must provide the solid foundation for the application to be built.

The key to a great software application lies in the foundation of the database that it is built upon. Blue Lizard has decades of experience designing databases that are easy to maintain, perform well and have a high degree of security.

A good database structure is easy to modify and maintain and any modifications that are made do not adversely affect other fields or tables in the database. At times, the data will need to be modified and any changes that need to be made can be done quickly and easily.

The application that utilizes a good database allows for an easier path to development and maintenance. Rather than dealing with complex data manipulation, the application can be developed faster and with less effort because the database provides the foundation upon which the application functionality is built.


Cloud Hosting

Get a better nights sleep and let Blue Lizard take care of your applications.


Application hosting in the cloud has become a dominant force in IT and Blue Lizard works with the two largest cloud providers; Azure and AWS. These cloud providers are the industry standard in reliability, flexibility and security and Blue Lizard has extensive experience with both.

Application hosting in the cloud has the advantages of the latest software, hardware and never having to worry about backups or security. Once configured with Blue Lizard, you application will be running in the cloud with near 100% uptime. Coupled with monitoring from Blue Lizard, you can be assured that your application is well cared for.

Azure and AWS are very extensive in their offerings and therefore can be very complex to set up. Blue Lizard has been working with these services for years and keeps up-to-date on the latest offerings. They change frequently in their pricing and service models, so we help you navigate the complexities to provide the best value for your business.

Strategic IT Consulting

With our years of extensive IT experience, Blue Lizard can lead you in a direction that will be robust and forward thinking.

The world of information technology has always changed at a rapid pace. Hardware, software, services, security and what is the right technology for a particular business – there are a myriad of choices and Blue Lizard helps navigate the complexities.

Blue Lizard assists our clients in understanding their technology options, the selection of the right tools, and trends over time. Are new servers needed? What about software options? Should you host in the cloud? Do you need to upgrade my existing software platforms? What trends in IT will affect your business? Blue Lizard can help answer these questions with insightful knowledge and experience.

Since each business is unique, Blue Lizard tailors the recommendations and solutions for the individual client. As your business grows, the solutions need to grow with you, so Blue Lizard stays on the forefront of technology changes so that you can take advantage of the latest technologies.


Agile Reporting Services

Converting data into useful, actionable information.


Your business decisions are only as good as the information used to make them. In order to make the best possible decisions, data must be transformed into usable information. Blue Lizard turns data into valuable information with Agile Reporting Services that allow data to be reported in real-time with flexible options.

The days of static reporting are over since businesses need to rely on real-time data that constantly changes. In order to be completely flexible, Blue Lizard can work with you to develop Dashboards and flexible reporting so that changing information needs can be met.

At times, the information needs to be presented in a more intuitive way so that trends and outliners are easily identified. Blue Lizard can work with you to provide graphs and charts that communicate accurate information in the right way – all in a visual presentation that is robust and visually appealing.

Software Support & Maintenance

Blue Lizard prides itself on service – we will be with you after implementation so that you are never alone.

Once a project has been completed, the relationship with Blue Lizard does not stop. Blue Lizard supports the solutions that it develops with maintenance, support and monitoring as needed. No change is too big or small since Blue Lizard supports the application development through all phases.

Many times an application will need to change due to new requests by interested stakeholders. Blue Lizard will work with your team to enhance the application to your unique specifications quickly and efficiently.

Monitoring of the application means that critical errors or hardware and software failures trigger a response to Blue Lizard. By configuring these triggers, you are assured that the application will be available with near 100% uptime. No matter what time day or night, Blue Lizard is there to resolve any issues quickly, so that you can get back to business.