Friday, November 17, 2017
Custom Software Development and Applications | Raleigh,Cary N.C

Custom Software Development

At Blue Lizard, we create custom software solutions to fit your company’s needs. We design and develop custom software applications, databases, and websites for businesses in a wide range of industries. We will thoroughly analyze your business needs, determine the best technology fit, and work with your team to develop software prototypes so you can see our work in progress. After observing how our custom software prototypes function, we work hard to finalize all the software’s requirements, come up with an ultimate solution, and test this solution to ensure the software works at optimal performance. Our custom software developers’ creativity, technical know-how, and problem-solving skills allow them to fully meet each and every client’s objectives. Blue Lizard was founded on the simple belief that technology, when harnessed properly, can successfully transform an organization. We keep this belief in mind as we listen to our clients, understand their wants and requirements, and work with them to build a bridge into the future. Our technical expertise, combined with your business savvy, will allow us to develop individually tailored, customized software solutions for you and your business.

Our Custom Software Helps Your Business

Custom software development with Blue Lizard means that you will have software designed specifically for your company’s needs, which will eliminate any unwanted functionalities that may plague your current software. One of our clients, the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, previously used three separate databases to track its inspectors. We used ASP.NET and SQL Server technology to merge the data into a single, enterprise-level database, which made tracking the inspectors easier and also led to more accurate record-keeping. When you choose Blue Lizard for custom software development, you’re sure to get set up with reliable and secure applications, along with an inclusive set of application management services like maintenance, re-engineering, migration, and testing. Our custom software will result in enhanced performance and improved efficiency that increases your employee productivity as well as reducing operating costs. Another client, Mann ENT Clinic, needed to track patient medical records more efficiently; we developed a custom desktop application that displayed patient information in an easy-to-read format, allowing nurses to enter data more quickly and accurately. As a result, transcription time was significantly reduced, which cut down on the practice’s operational expenses. With Blue Lizard’s custom software development, you’ll also experience reduced system downtime, enhanced performance, and great customer service along every step of the way. We’ll team up with you to creatively address the real needs of your business

Custom Software Solutions That Save Time

Because of Blue Lizard’s clarity of purpose, commitment to success, and professional skill sets, we are able to provide our clients with world-class custom software solutions. Our technologies will increase your business’s freedom to concentrate on strategic initiatives, instead of wasting time struggling with software that doesn’t get the job done. Our custom software applications are designed explicitly to work for your business and increase your productivity. At Blue Lizard, we have many satisfied clients, and an outstanding record of successful completed projects. Let us work with you to create custom software solutions that help you utilize the power of technology.


We were very impressed with what Blue Lizard could do for us. They are excellent to work with, they take their time and listen to what you have to say, and ensure the program works to your specifications. They created a database for us, wrote the program, administrated it for us and came back as often as we needed them to. The database we now have is easy to use and we love it. They offered a lot of suggestions and updated technology. We really felt we got more for our money because they were involved. They are great people.

Teri Eaks, North Carolina National Guard Association

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