Thursday, May 25, 2017
Agile Reporting Services

Blue Lizard believes in quality, not quantity. This especially applies to reporting services. How much valuable and detailed information are you really receiving from a software package that offers over 200 printable reports? And besides, do you really want to be that intimate with your printer?  Over the years, Blue Lizard has developed our own reporting tools and techniques that produce meaningful reports with many features to help reduce your work load. We are committed to bringing great value and service to our clients, so we actually take the time to talk to you, to understand, and to identify your business objectives. We make sure that you get only the reports you want and need. So now, time spent with your printer is all quality time.

Blue Lizard’s Agile Reporting Services:

  • Combine data from different sources into meaningful information, allowing shared decision making.
  • Uses Drill Down features to allow customers to go from summary reporting to detailed reporting.
  • Give you the ability to easily save or export reports into PDF, Excel, Word or XML formats.
  • Enable reports to use web services to gather data from remote locations.
  • Integrate charts & graphs, allowing customers to visualize their data.
  • Report search criteria that help customers use fewer reports and still get the information that they need.

Blue Lizard Technologies has a wealth of experience with Agile Reporting Services. Our company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and our personnel are experts with reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services, MS Access, MS Excel, Active Reports, MS Word, reporting to PDF and other formats.


We interviewed a number of companies and we tried a few before Blue Lizard. We needed a large, complex software overhaul, Blue Lizard worked with us for about 10 months. It involved a number of different components, written in Visual Basic. They did everything we asked and provided great suggestions. Even going beyond the immediate job to offer experienced advice about the use of other components. We would highly recommend them, they did what it took to get the job done properly, and always offered a solution. They have a great work ethic and a great attitude.

Julia Harrell, GIS Coordinator, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources

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